About ARAG

ARAG Services Corporation is part of ARAG SE, a global leader in Legal Expenses Insurance which generates premium income in excess of €1.6 billion annually. As a company that was founded in Germany over 80 years ago, our Canadian division was the 17th country to begin operations and has access to the well-established company systems and resources worldwide.

In recent years, we have adapted legal expense coverages to integrate into the Canadian legal system and regulations, and to meet specific client needs. From our Toronto head office, ARAG Canada provides nationwide service to brokers, insurers and MGAs, offering policies that include advice, legal resources and representation throughout the course of a legal issue.

The justice system can be complex and expensive. Most people think they are unlikely to become involved in a legal dispute, but an employment issue, faulty goods or a tax issue are very common problems. Taking legal action to resolve these kinds of issues are complicated and expensive. An ARAG Legal Expenses policy will allow you to defend or pursue your legal rights without worrying about the cost and stress involved to resolve the dispute.

“Every Individual should be able to assert his or her rights,
not just those who can afford it.”

Heinrich Faßbender, 1935, Founder of the ARAG Group

Let ARAG carry your burden, while you live your life.

ARAG Services Corporation
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